The State of Black Science Fiction Presents: SOBSFic Con!

Chronicles of Harriet

The State of Black Science Fiction, the popular collective of authors, artists, filmmakers, comic book creators and cosplayers who create works of science fiction, fantasy and horror by, for and about people of Afrikan descent, are bringing us the State of Black Science Fiction Convention – also known as SOBSFic Con – in 2016 on June 17-18.

This Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror convention by and about people of Afrikan descent, will take place in Atlanta and is expected to draw creators and fans from all over the globe.

Here is a glimpse at the programming thus far:


The Afroretroism Track presents programs about current and classic alternate history writings, exploring trends and issues in Steamfunk, Dieselfunk, Rococoa, Sword and Soul and other alternate-history genres expressed through a Black / African lens. Panels include discussions of race and ethnicity in alternate history; fabricating all the necessary…

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Tea Leaf 99 Party

If you haven’t picked up Tea Leaf yet, or you want another copy come join the 99 party. This weekend the paperback version of Tea Leaf is $9.99 (4/10-4/12) through Create Space. Check the books page for the discount code!

If digital is more your style, Tea Leaf is 99 cents on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Nobel.

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Tyler, Texas I’m Coming to Visit!

Hey there,

If you are in Tyler, Texas, come on by the Literary Cafe tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be diverse forms of art, authors, music, poets, musicians, dancers, & historical film. Refreshments will also be available.

I will be there signing copies of Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath, too!

I look forward to meeting you there!

Info below:

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New Sci-Fi Series, Fallen Invasion

I had this idea, a short story about alien contact, and out came Fallen, the first story out of the Fallen Invasion Series.  I decided to make this a series of quick reads.  I intended to make the whole series FREE, but as it is in the Kindle Unlimited program, it will only be able to be free 5 times during the next 90 days.  Tomorrow and Sunday are some of those days (starting around 12 am pst).

For frequent updates, follow me on twitter, I’ll post the free periods there.  I will also post them on tumblr.

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Back to Fallen: The series is only available through Amazon, so check it out!


Schedule for free Fallen dates: 

all are Saturdays and start at 12 a.m. pst:

Valentines Day: February 14th

Spring Break: March 7th

Passover & Easter: April 4th

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Yay, Tea Leaf, Paperback!


Finally the paperback version is available, just in time for the last day of the year! Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath is available now and will be available through in the US and Europe in a week.

Right now, it is available on my webstore on CreateSpace (an Amazon company). For the next week, you can get $5 off every book with this code: 6PXR7TWN

Just paste the code in the “discount code” box at the bottom on your shopping cart page.

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